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inspection ?s

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will my airbag light fail my truck for inspection? its been on for a few weeks now and i can't figure out why. i changed the fuse and its still on. i can't afford to have a shop look at it and fix it right now. does anyone know if they'll even care about it?
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No it wont
Here in VA it can cause a failure to pass. But you just gotta know the right shop...the best thing you can do, besides fixing the problem, is pull the light out of the dash and no one will know.
Did you have your steering apart and let the steering wheel spin?
yeah, just try and find a good shop, that want care that much and get them to pass it, i have a shop where i take my truck and i know he'd pass it.
archer, the only time i had my steering apart was during my body lift. and that was 2 months before it came on, and when we put the lift on we pulled the fuse. guess i need to find a small shop that doesn't care.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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