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I think i threw a rod...

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I was driving along at about 60mph in my 86 4runner, 22RE. It was starting to bog down and my RPMs were dropping slightly, so I threw it into 4th gear to get some more power. It went along fine like this so I put it back in 5th. All of a sudden I started hearing a rather loud rod knock, and before I could shut the truck off and pull 'er over, it died. I pulled it over and shut it off, called my dad, and tried to start it up again. It whined and turned over, but wouldn't start.

I gave it a few more minutes, got it started up, but it ran very, very poorly. The rod knock was extremely loud. I set off driving like 2mph on the side of the highway, attempting to get it into a parking lot about 15 feet down the road. It sputtered, died, and it wouldn't even turn over from there. I tried turning it over and all I heard was the low grinding of the starter, my engine wouldn't even turn over.

I looked and there's no cosmetic damage in terms of the rod going through my engine, but I don't know what else it could be. I want to rebuild the engine if possible, 1st Gen SR5 'Runners aren't easy to find up here; I'd like to keep mine if possible. What am I looking forward to in terms of a price to rebuild an engine that suffered such as mine?

p.s. parts and engines aren't hard to find, i know a guy with probably 3-4 complete 22RE engines a few miles away, I just wanna know how much I'm looking at spending.
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There is no way to tell the damage until you tear down the motor.
mine did the same thing a while back i was driving along and all the sudden i lost power and then came the loud knocking and it died it turned over and wouldn't start put finally did and ran like crap i had to towed to my parents house we pulled the engine and it had spun a main bearing so we just rebuilt the whole thing and it is now good as new. got any questions just ask
our situations are almost exactly the same...and i've got a lot to ask you about the rebuild because i am going to rebuild it rather than scrap it. I just got it towed back to my house and i'm gonna pull the belts off tmrw and see what's up.
well feel free to ask i wish i had taken some pics so i could post them up but i didn't have a camera at the time we pulled the engine which took like 30 mn and then got it on an engine stand flipped it over and took the oil pan off right away we could see where the bearing had spun at b/c it was discolored
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