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i bought a practical DD...finally

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i finally got around to buying a beater car to get away from 6mpg and now i can wheel my truck without havin to worry about breaking and having no way to work.

tell me what yall thing about it i bought a 90 eagle talon tsi for 500 bucks. its a quick little ricer thats for sure. i got the turbo pushing 16psi. the only thing wrong with the car is a rear rotor is kinda crappy. other than that everything works, and it came with an alarm and is fully loaded, im confident that i can get $2700 for the car if i decide to sell it.

......and yes i will most likely take it in the mud :D:

i feel kinda weird in a little car but its soo fun to drive.


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it's nice to have something other than the truck. but i agree it is strange to drive a car when your'e used to driving a truck. sometimes i don't feel as safe in the car. don't know why. :eyecrazy: anyways that looks like a fun car to drive and you got a good deal :bigthumb: good luck in the mudd
You can make those things pretty damn quick with very little money. my friend had an Eclipse GSX.. same thing, pushing close to 450 hp. then it blew up lol but now hes making another.

Id baby that thing and dont tear on it too hard or your truck will be your DD again and the car will be broke. My buddy had a 91 Talon AWD pushin 508hp at the wheels. It is by far the quickest car i've ever been in. He parted it out and got around 10k for it in parts and bought a busa. His busa is turbocharged now pushin 300 something (I forget the exact) at the wheel. If you want any info on the car or want to mod it, feel free to ask any questions.
you get 6mpg???? why???
I get 11 with mine.. but yeah it is nice to have a car.. I got a camaro getting 24mpg :rotfl:
On 2005-12-09 08:10, RootBreaker wrote:
you get 6mpg???? why???
I get 11 with mine..
probably the fact hes running 4.11 gears and trying to turn 37 inch tires? :bad:
guess so.... but when rollin he should be turning low r's
Be very careful with that thing. Every single one that my friends have owned have blown up 1st and 2nd gens. They can make power but they can't always hold it. Very fun cars especially the awd cars.

But i liked blowing them up it was fun :rotfl:
I had a 90 Plymouth Laser FWD( same as eclipse)
...before it blew I was running 23psi on a totally stock engine, with like 101 trick was by far the fastest car I have ever had!!!
Nothing beats turbo pull :D:
...then it blew the tip off the spark plug( I think it closed up when I put it in) hung an exhaust valve....The I got an Eagle Talon AWD....did all the stuff that I did to the Laser, but the clutch started slipping then on the way home from school #4 rod wanted to see the outside world in a hurry, small engine fire on the side of the freeway....traded both blown car's for VW Bug :bigthumb: best thing I ever did..... put an exhaust and intake and leave it alone...Jambbii said it best...."they make tons of power but just cant hold it"

Good luck...
On 2005-12-09 09:42, RootBreaker wrote:
guess so.... but when rollin he should be turning low r's
low rpms dont always mean good mpg. if its lugging ( not in power band so to speak) its gonna drink more gas than if he was running a bit higher rpms and not working as hard.
actually my truck pulls pretty fine, im up around 310hp and 430tq and i have an sm465 tranny, great for starting off and wheeling but the gear ratios are so spread that going into second gear just drops rpm too low and thats not helping my mpg. i may only have 4.11's but my motor makes up for it. its just tuned like crap and i have my junk backup carb on and its killin me, im already at 3k rpm at 65mph.(locker and 4.56's next mod i think)

and as for my beater, i know quite a bit about dsm's, i had a 90 fwd laser that ran a 12.8 1/4 mile. its broke now and just has sat in maryland at a friends for about 4 years now, i plan on raping it of parts for my talon. im not into the ricer thing but i must admit they are quick for a 4 banger. ill probally put my intercooler, IC piping, BOV, injectors,20g turbo and fuel pump from my laser onto the talon but thats it. i refuse to "bling" it out with any exterior mods. the guy before me put a fartcan exuast on it witch i will keep for performance but i plan on rerouting it so it is tucked up behind the bumper cover out of sight. i duno, but i do know im gonna have fun beating this thing into the ground, when its dead, ill find another $500 beater. :bigthumb:
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On 2005-12-09 15:15, dgt wrote:
im already at 3k rpm at 65mph.(locker and 4.56's next mod i think)

wow I got the same trans... at 74mph I am at 2800rpm!!!!! :shock:

4.56's and a true measured 38.8" tire
i do 2000 rpm at 70 3:55 and 33's
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