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I am a Dumbsh*t

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Just so everyone knows I am dumb, I made a huge error, I bought the new DT Trackbar, I took the old one off, Well its still good, so i put it back on for now but....I will sell the factory bar, which is still good and the skyjacker drop bracket for 175 including shipping to the continental U.S. including the hardware. Thats a good deal for whoever gets it, the skyjacker bracket by itself is around $100.00. And I will pay shipping. Oh, the skyjacker bracket is powdercoated(not painted) gloss black.
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dang nabbit. my computer burped halfway through my typing. pos with a disk drive. anyway...

i think the thought was:
a: what is a trackbar in non dodge terms?
b: why do feel the need to berate yourself for going through a good old fashion learning experience?

i have spent about 2900 on my burb in under three weeks and have yet to spend a second wondering what the hell i am doing with that kind of investment in a 1300 truck. its all in perspective. enjoy what makes you happy and move on.
oh, a panhard bar. ok.
as for the laughs, i pass this on: put on the rear springs for the lift two nights ago. had the tail end hanging from a cherry picker because none of the jacks were tall enough to raise the frame. the bolts for the rear shackles caught up on the shackle mounts as we lowered it on to the new wheels for the first time. looked like a dragster with 35's. rear was at full drop sitting still. had the camcorder going to catch the "big moment", so you can hear my best friend and i saying "ahhhhhh... sh**" in perfect timing. that was beer:30. laughed so hard i nearly pissed myself. i plan on snagging pics off the tape to upload to my webpage, if i ever get time to get it going again.
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