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I am a Dumbsh*t

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Just so everyone knows I am dumb, I made a huge error, I bought the new DT Trackbar, I took the old one off, Well its still good, so i put it back on for now but....I will sell the factory bar, which is still good and the skyjacker drop bracket for 175 including shipping to the continental U.S. including the hardware. Thats a good deal for whoever gets it, the skyjacker bracket by itself is around $100.00. And I will pay shipping. Oh, the skyjacker bracket is powdercoated(not painted) gloss black.
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Hey thanks for trying to make me feel better Jason, but I need a little negative reinforcement so this wont happen
I guess you are right. The new bar is sweet, I didnt put it on because I wasnt sure what I was gonna do gonna go take a pic, it will take about 15 min to send it...
Answer to Question A:the trakbar keeps the axle centered under the truck while still allowing the axle to flex, the control arms and springs are not strong enough by themselves to keep the axle in place, and B:Im not sure. Just thought it would give you guys a laugh I guess.
Yeah panhard bar and track bar have the same principle.....Here is what the new track bar from DT Pro Fab looks like....
Thanks go out to Jason for putting it on his server for me.
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