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Hunting season.

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Shotgun season in VA cam in on Saturday. So far I got one with the muzzleloader and one big one Saturday with the shotgun. Took me 2 hours to drag out of the woods by myself![img=195x148][/img]
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looks good! :bigthumb:
I missed a big 9 point*(Main-frame 8 with a crab-claw) that was probably 250 lbs. :wall: Shot through some small trees and a little bit of brush at about 45 yards. Still think I should have made the shot.
Good lookin deer! dont feel bad, i missed a nice 12 sat. with my muzzeloader. went the next day and it was shootin 12" high :wall: i must have bumped it on somethin since i zeroed it in last month thats ok, i know where he's at. but my nephew did kill this spike that hung around under my stand all morning.


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the other one he got that day to. he's only 9


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Looks pretty big. The spread looks really wide. :bigthumb:
saturday 1 guy got a spike and 1 guy got a cayote.
I got a doe on sunday and a kid from school got a massive 18 pointer and he brought pics to school today, and i almost shat myself!
Good looking deer. Just wondering one thing. Why shoot the spikes? Nothing against your nephew shooting the doe and that hes hunting, but why let him shoot the spike? It greatly diminishes the chances for bigger bucks. It takes an average of 4-yeras for a buck to become mature and have atleats 8-points. I'm all for shooting does since they outnumber bucks greatly(except when they are with a fawn since you technically kill all three since the little ones cant live on their own at that time). Its something like 12 to 1 in Tennessee. But just wondering about the spikes since they are not worth mounting and it hasnt had time to mature into a bigger buck.
a game biologist came to our huntclub and said if u have spikes that means thers too many doe and that u need to shoot them,that a one year buck should not be a spike. were trin to get the demap program to get the deer populatin right at awer land.
Oddly enough we all hunt with dogs and shotguns here, but at about 4 pm everybody was about done and goin home, so I wondered down in a place in some of my grandfathers land and milled around for a minute, got tired walking and just plopped down on my butt beside a tree and figured I wouldnt see anything, but that I would sit there until dark and just see what was walking around........20 minutes later a HUGE!! doe runs by me WIDE open with this guy about 15 yards behind her and grunting the whole time, If i hadnt shot, he'da run over me!! I just got lucky on this one and I admit it!! :bigthumb: :bigthumb: (bout time something went right!)
my club in Dinwiddie killed 3 bucks and a doe saturday. man i wish it was a doe day for all cause i had 4 run right over top of me. i love opening day, and the best part is my puppies jumped on the first drive and ran good for the most part. deer hunting with dogs is something i think everyone should experience at least once in life.
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