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i dont know how many **** hunters are on here but its worth a try-


i have a nice bluetick coonhound for sale. shes not a finished dog but shes tracked and treed on her own and runs great with other dogs. shes pkc/ukc registered. shes purple ribbon bred with ukc. she is eligable and certified for pkc super stakes and futurities. her sire is GRNITECH 'PR' BULLETS RUNNIN RATTLER (over $1000 earned in pkc and multiple champion titles with ukc) and her dam is 'PR' BLUE MOON RISING MOLLY. she is show quality but wants to earn her keep in the woods. shes got wonderful confirmation, wonderful disposition, and wonderful breeding. shes had alot of obedience training- a 2year old could lead her. shes great with kids and small animals.

im asking $800 for her



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hell atleast tell me what yall think about her
Shes not bad :naughty:

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:roll: thanks :bigthumb:
DAMN GIRL, where ya been at, i aint seen you on here forever, i aint talked to you since i came and got that truck.
i know i been trying to get this dog hunted and work on my truck and i got another truck
Nice lookin' dog. I better not let my roommate see this, his damn redbone bloodhound is enough for me. I couldn't imagine how he'd act with another hound around... especially a female. :bad:
hows my old truck doin for you? got any pics of it or the build your using it for?

heres my two-

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oh god i know- hounds can be a handful... theyre like special needs animals... :roll:
On 2005-11-25 13:59, NickM wrote:
Shes not bad :naughty:

I think that one flew right over her head Nick.
On 2005-11-25 14:49, Tufiremn wrote:

I think that one flew right over her head Nick.

ya think? :rotfl:
damn thats a nice lookin dog...ive already got too many dogs but id take her if i didnt.
thanks guys but i got it... :roll:
heres a better picture for yall... :D:

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back to talking about the dog- deerhunter i would be willing to trade a registered finished ******* for her. it would depend on the dog- contact me if you have any that you think you could trade.
good lookin dog i will show a guy at work on monday he just got one and i know he used to always have 2 so maybe he will be interested
Don't have any **** dogs....a couple labs and a rat terrier are my huntin dogs and I can't part with them. :bigthumb:
at good lookin dog but 800 is way too much,,specially around here for a **** dog,,hell u all dont have to many ***** in panama city anyway do ya,,, :rotfl: at least not the kind that runs in trees :kicknuts: but good luck with the sale
wow, 2 years on the site and I have never seen this Cool looking dog. Great for hunting. -Jordan
Biff= NickM
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