How to map unmarked trails via Android?

Discussion in 'All Other Tech' started by johnnyrocket247, Nov 13, 2016.

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    My favorite thing to do is explore. As long as there are tire tracks or a trail and I can't find a "No Trespassing sign, I have dibs! This is when I wanted an Android app to map my progress via GPS. I started down a trail today, but after a few lefts, and rights, and a few more of each, I backed out, because I was running on mental memory, and my memory sucks. I was low on fuel also, and the last thing I wanted to do was try to tell emergency:
    Emergency: Hello, this is emergency.
    Me: Yes, hello? I'm stuck.
    E: Where are you?
    M: I don't know. I went off this road, I took some lefts, and some rights...... Can't you see my high beams?
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  2. JasonB

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    I use HandyGPS (free version). It works pretty good. Obviously it is dependent on GPS signal and phone battery, but does not require data/internet

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    If you are exploring the Nation Forests they now have downloadable maps and an app to run them.
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    You can download the area before you get there off of Google Maps. Then once you get on the road just keep track of what directions you turn. And map it from there. I do a lot of exploring in the woods here in Oregon. And after five or six miles on one of these crappy logging roads. It turns into nothing and you gotta back out. I got a map from the National Forest Service and I high lite the good roads and x out the bad roads that way I know where this road goes on what it leads to.Good luck out there.
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    I use back country navigator.

    Also depending on the laws of your state, no sign doesnt make it ok. Here in ohio no sign needed, they can still get you