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how to make jerky?

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i had a post a while back about deer jerky but that was just what to cook it in. i need to know how to actually make it, i've let the deer meat sit in a pot for 2 days outside since its been so cold and have change the water twice in it and put a half cup of salt both times. i need to know what's next, what do i need to do, i will be cooking it in the oven when it will be ready to do that.

i just need to know what the steps are, for exactly what i need to do and when its ready to cook what i need to do and what temp. and everything

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Yo, all you do is slice the meat real thin, preferably with a slicer, then marinate it with what ever you want for a good long time (6 hours ish) then get a dehydrater from walmart and stick em in for like 8 hours or however long it says with how much meat you have. Thats what ive done...
We did the same as above, but cooked the stuff in a smoker. My roommates just made about 10lbs of venison jerky. :bigthumb:
I just made 3 lbs. of deer jerky about an hour ago. I started with grinding some shoulder meat since it wasn't big enough to cut very well. Mixed in 1 packet of seasoning with each pound of meat. I'm going to put it in the dehydrater tomorrow so I'll report back how it tastes.

Oh yeah, I used one of those $20 jerky shooters(worked slick) and will be using a cheap $40 dehydrater.

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