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how to freight ship

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Im have been researching how to fright ship but the company wants to know the weight of the create, how do you find out how much an engine ways? or is there a different way? Becuase im trying to make the buyer pay for shipping.
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is there a reason why u wouldnt just wiegh it?
I remember their being some sort of thing that a skid 48x48x48 is like 300 bucks or something. Call UPS I think they ship frieght right? Give them a call and see what they say. If not try yellow or some other trucker company.

Ups doesn't ship freight Fed-ex does, and they need a weight because they need to know what the can fit on the truck ie. a truck can hold 24 skids or about 40,000 lbs they can't put 24 2500 lb skids on it but they can put some and some lighter so they can get their 40k and 24 skids, most shipping company's should be able to give you an estimate on the weight of the motor or some places charge a flat rate for auto engines hope this helps
dont most pppl use the air to ground freight company,,and to find out the weight load it up in the truck and go find some scales,
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