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How much lift requires reindexing ring.

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Subject says it all. How much lift requires a reindexing ring? Also, how far does the reindexing ring rotate the transfer case down?
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it makes it hang down enough that i am willing to pay for a high angle driveshaft to deal with it.
Well I'm running 9 inches, high angle driveshaft and no reindexing ring and this thing vibrates BAAD!!! I'm consider pulling our the spacers to try and ease the angle some at the axle end...

EDIT: I will be swapping in an HP 60. Will the higher pinion help ease the angle enough?
pull the shaft and finish that hp60 in your sig!!
I looked up the indexing ring on summit (found in) and it also showed:

WTF is this? They want $40 for it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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