How do you re-flash a PCM ?

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by Tango, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Tango

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    Anyone here flash their PCM on thier truck?

    I asked the local dealer where I am at if they would re-flash or re-load my PCM. They said when they hook it up to the PC that they use, it says the PCM has the "Latest verion" and it will not re-flash because it already has the most current version.

    Basically the PCM is like a heavy duty solid state hard drive, and has a program on it. So just like you have Vista or Windows 7 on you PC it could be loaded incorrectly or have some problem. So you take the CD or DVD and reload it.

    Can I just re-load my PCM with the most current version?

    Anyone ever work with this stuff?
  2. swirvin21

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    Did a quick search and found this. Looks like it should give you some good info. I know you can call Hughes or Southwest and have them write a program for your specs. You can also buy some of the high end tuners where you can make your own. Any reason you want to reflash?

  3. Tango

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    Thanks for the link.

    From what I'm reading there when they go to re-flash my PCM it says "Part number is up to date and does not require any new updates".
    So from there it is leave the vehcile the way it is because it runs... OR erase the PCM and reload it like the customer asked. Not done with out risk it says and it may not reload correctly, in whcih case thier solution is to order a new PCM, which I'm sure is not $50, the re-flash fee.

    The problem I am getting is that when the engine has been run 60 minutes or more, and if I run the engine at 2200+ rpm after about 30 seconds it like it hit a speed limiter, and stumbles back to around 1900 rpm. If it runs at 1900 or less I don't get this problem.

    The stumble was intermitant, and now it is frequent.
    The fuel preasure at the VP44 is 15+ at the stumble, and then jumps up to around 17 psi as the rpm drop.
    I replaced the cam position sensor. It was not the problem.
    No wierd smoke issues or turbo issues. Good mileage. No hard starts. No tranmission slipage. No codes.
    Last month I drove hme (16 hours non-stop) and no issue. Then driving back to work about 6 hours into the trip it started the stumble. Turned it off fo 30 minutes, stumble started back up after about 15 minutes. Had to drive at 65.
    It will not do it in nutral. nutral at 2200 rpm no stumble, put it in gear and you'll get it.
    Flat road in first or second gear (this is an automatic) at 2200+ it will stumble.
    leave the troddle in postion it will buck on-off-on-off just like you were hitting a limiter, or it's running out of fuel?

    So I'm thinking computer board on the PCM or computer board on the VP44.

    Any thoughts or ideas?
  4. swirvin21

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    I don't know enough about the diesels to give any good info on the cause. I can't think of anything in the transmission that would cause it to happen in each gear except for the torque converter, but even then what would be the cause?

    I know many of the aftermarket programmers like superchips and others interchange their program with the stock one. So when you load the new program, your old stock one is stored in the programmer. That's how my Superchips one works. Might see if you can bum someone's tuner for a day and see if it fixes it. Or it could be a good excuse to get your own.
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    I've dealt with a lot of PCM issues