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how cold is it outside?

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i was just talking to a friend who lives in montreal, and she said it was -35!! i was like damn... its only 45 here, but anyway curiousity met bordom and i thought i would see how cold it is where you guys live, so post up
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its 22 degrees here in northeast corner of TN
7 in northeast ohio, but with wind chill factor i think news said like -10 or lower maybe.

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Only 52* here right now, but it got down to 21* last night...little too chilly for me. Ah Texas, it went from being in the low 80*s on Saturday night to high 40*s on Sunday here.
right now its 16* here in the good old Lubbock Tx. It was like 80 two days ago... go figure.
right now at 1 am its 36 degrees :bigthumb:
22 here
Gets up to the mid 20's here in the afternoon. Balmy and tropical.
-8* in Denver last night.
14F with a windchill of -12 at 10 am
15 this morning but with my job working with water it feels like -50...
It was 37* F at 7:30 p.m. last evening when I was jogging on Wrightsville Beach, NC. This morning it was 38* F at 8:00 a.m., according to the Dodge-ometer on the ceiling of my truck.
-33 here
lets see its 0814 am here in alaska, and its around 34...supposed to be in the 40's today!!! WTF is goin on!! just talked to my pops and he said its 22 down in tejas!! somethings wrong here!!
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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