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horrible sound

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alright my 4runner has been making that horrible screaching sound when i start it up. u know that sound that u hear from crappy cars and u point and laugh. its my belt slippin i guess. well i looked at my belts and both look purdy brand spankin new to me but it makes that sound like everytime i start it. how do i make this god awful sound stop? please help its getting very annoying.
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take a candle or wax anything and rub it on the belts or tighten your belts up wax will work for a while tightening it will work forever or until it breaks.
thanks nate. i know how to tighten the power steering belt but what about the alternator one. does the alternator bracket more back and forth or does somethin else tighten it. isnt there an AC belt to??
yea there should be a tensioner on the alternator you can kinda see if you look in fenderwell kinda behind your skid plate. loosen the alternator up tighten the tensioner and tighten the alternator back down. ac??? i dunno? never really messed with it.
disregard... i thought you were running a 4 cyl... i know the 3.0 has a tensioner but im not sure where its at or how to get to it?
my dad took a look at it today and said it was the alternator. u can listen under the hood and hear it makin some funny noises and he said the bearing is gone or somethin like that. alright my dad is purdy good with cars but i dont know if he is right on this one. how would my alternator be the cause of the horrible screachin sound. oo and all my belts are tight and almost new so i dont think it is them. any ideas??
then yea id go with your dad on that one if its not the belts, the bearings dry out and eventually fail some you get a nasty noise some just self destruct, get a new alternator they are fairly inexpensive and that way you wont have to mess with it again and you can rule it out for your noise all together.
what brand should i get? autozone and online places seem to have the same price so is there a certain brand that is better or are all alternators basically just alike? any recommendations?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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