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hood latch cable broke

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hi all, my hood latch cable broke the problem is it broke at the latch for the hood. my ? is how can i get the hood open any help would be apreshiated
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any one got any ideas come on guys some one on here has to have some idea
Are you able to reach up from behind the bumper? Or take the bumper off to give you access to behind the grill? I guess just figure out the easiest way to get to the latch, and start removing what parts necessary to get to it. I don't know of any special tricks :sorry:
What part of the cable broke? Was it the stranded wire, or the outter plastic part. Also did it brake off at the latch itself. I have a few ways of getting it open, just need to know exactly what, and where it broke. Shoot me a PM with your name and phone # if you want.

thanks for the tips any more would help if u all can think of anything. i was gana try to go throgh the hunycome on the grill with a socket and swivle.
all you need to do is reach up onto your latch and figure out which way your latch moves when the cable is pulled on, then manually move your latch....its very simple, just takes a little body contortion on some vehicles
otherwise is you can, grab your existing cable and pull it with a pair of vise grips

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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