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Sick video of the burnout. Whats done to that D-Max?
alot, i aint real sure what matt has done to his truck if you go to the other link which is CRANK IT UP DIESEL'S website you can see Kyle and Evan's trucks, Kyles is the crewcab short bed and Evans is the extended cab long bed with 6 inch lift, Oh and here to all you guys that say lifted trucks cant pull :fu: :fu: :fu: 408 feet at almost 22 mph, sled couldnt stop him and class winner, here is another this was a class winner too, i have personally rode i nthis truck and it HAULS a$$!!!. Sorry guys cant give out any secrets to what the trucks are running, get ahold of them to get some nice DURAMAX stuff. :D:
and just wait til the LBZ motors are out :D: :D: :D: any of you guys can call them up and have the same stuff done to your Duramax's for a few dollars.
Damn those Dmax's. There comin up on us fast!!!!!!!!! :flipoff:
read the new article on the LBZ motors in 4-Wheel and Offroad, read the article and you'll read about the 800 ft-lb twin turbo D-MAX in development. whats nice about the new LBZ's is that they are gonna get rid of alot of the crank problems, the main webs are alot stronger, i just wish they would stud the blocks and firering them from the factory, dosent cost that much more and makes them a hell of alot stronger.
he was running right after he spun into the ditch i believe
holy crap that was cool! things like that make me ALMOST wish my truck was stock height with A/Ts again so i could do things like i have the power to do that now, but i would snap drivelines before i boiled the tires i am pretty sure...

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