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2000 Chevrolet Tahoe LT
325,000 miles
5.3L V8, NP8 Transfer Case

New 4WD selector switch
New transfer case motor (and I have a used one)

So, I’ve tried just about everything. I bought this truck thinking it just needed a transfer case motor. I bought the motor, shifted it into 4Hi, and it wouldn’t come back out of 4wd. It’ll shift between 4HI and Auto 4WD but it won’t go into 4Lo or 2Hi. The front wheels lock and unlock fine, and the transfer case motor sounds like it’s trying to shift but it bogs down right before it hits the gear. I tried driving it, and doing the whole forward/reverse while shifting thing but it didn’t get me anywhere. I put a used transfer case motor in and it did the same thing. When I take everything off and try to shift it manually with a vice grip, I can change it between 4Lo and 4Hi but I can’t get it back into 2Hi. It feels like I’m turning on a very firm spring, but it just won’t shift. Is it common for the transfer case to go out like this? It doesn’t really make that much noise when it’s in 4WD but I don’t want to drive it until I get this figured out.
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