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having a brain fade, quick question

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when the tach is showing RPM's, is that the actuail number of times that the crank turns 360 degrees, or is it it the number of times/minute that the #1 cylinder is fireing?
sorry for the newbie question, but my brain isn't working at the moment. :wall:
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Crank revolutions per minute

On 2005-11-30 13:18, Mr Joe wrote:
Crank revolutions per minute


so in that case, if the tach is reading, lets say, 5000RPM, the #1 cylinder is fireing 2500 times per minute?
If the plugs are good :D:

that's what I thought, but for some reason I was thinking it was something diffirent.
Wouldn't it be 1250 times per minute?

5000 rpms's
4 strokes
1250 times per minute

Edit: Nevermind. 2 strokes = 1 revolution. Carry on.
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