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Hand tool suggestions

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I decided that I want to get just about any tool that I'd need to do basic repairs on my truck, and keep them all together so that whenI amdoing to be doing something with the truck like off-roading it I can bring them with just in case. My parents got me a half-inch socket set with large metric sockets (like up to 24 or 25mm I believe) and a huge standard wrench set for my birhtday. I know that most of the bolts on my truck are metric, but it's good to have both so I'll just buy the metric wrench set myself and probably some standard sockets.

So there's wrenches and 1/2 drive sockets. I have the socket for removing hubs/axles, I'll get the littler sockets for small stuff. I should probably get a pry bar. I always keep a pipe handy to use as a breaker bar (for bolts and for would-be thieves). I have the large Torx for my leaf spring bolts. I'm going to look into a 12 volt work light. But I'm sure that isn't all that I would need in the event of a trail repair.

So basically what I am asking, is what sorts of tools do most of you keep with your truck, and what would you guys reccomend I buy? I wanna be able to fix loose suspension parts, remove axles, etc. if I had to. What range of sizes would you reccomend I keepp handy as far as sockets/wrenches? I know it's mostly big stuff except for the pinion yoke on the front axle has the little 8mm bolts.
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I carry a SH!T TON of tools with me.
Small idea of what I carry:
8mm-25mm stubby and long handeled wrenches
A 5pc metric ratchet wrench set
A 25pc SAE stubby and long handeled wrench set
A 5pc SAE ratchet wrench set
3 prybars of varying lenghts
30pc screwdriver set
6pc plier set
A few others..
Whenver my truck caught on fire I went and bought a lot {expletive} at wal-mart. All stanely brand stuff. It is good quality stuff and not real expensive. I got a set of:

3/8 MEtric Deep sockets
1/2 Metric short sockets
3/8 Metricdrive short sockets
3/8 Deep standard sockets
3/8 short standard sockets
A set of about 20 different size tourqes bit
1/4 Socket set that has metric and standard
1/4 Deep socket set that has metric and standard.
Standard Wrenches
I need to get some metric wrenchs but I make do with them.

Also when on the trail I make sure and carry a 1/2 drive tourqe wrench that I use as a breaker bar, 1/2 Impact, 50ft air hose, Also some other good stuff to have are adapters to go from 1/2 to 3/8. That way you can use your 1/2 drive rachet on your 3/8 drive sockets.
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most everything on my truck is a 19mm or 3/4 for those guys who still like standard sizes
but i tend to carry a good 4 way lug wrench, the biggest craftsman tool set i could find that is in the plastic folding case, a breaker bar as big as my arm with a flex head, a spare oil filter thats been vac. sealed shut, some fuel additive in case i start to gel up
and i used to carry a lightweight floor jack until someone else needed it more than me
thats about all i carry for emergency repairs
one thing that i'd invest in....which i have... is an inverter. i have my plugs and switch installed in my dash. spawn has a post of on here where he did the same thing. there are a lot times where power tools come in handy....

i did pretty much the same thing, but on the passenger side and only have one plug in the truck. i'm gonna hook the other plug up in my tool box.
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