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Guage pod differences??

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Anyone know the exact difference betwen the pods for a pillars on 98-up and 97-down?Will the 98 up work on the older ones?
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On mine you stick the new A pillar over the old one. It came with plastic rivets and you dill holes trough both of them. I just glued them together.
I understand how to put them on but what I am asking is why are there two different pods and will they interchange from 98-up and 97-down?
didnt the new ones have the lil tweeter speaker holes in them or something like that ,
My 98 doesnt have tweeters in the pillars but i think some do.
Some 98+ rams have the tweeter mine doesnt and they should be the same exact pillar if you dont have the tweeter!
My 01 has the tweeters. I don't know about the differn't pillars though.
I think from 98 and up they got the tweeter. or it might depend on the system you have from factory :dunno: but mine has it.
2001 tweeter. My truck just came with a tape player though, no infinity system.
The reason I was asking is cause I can get the pillar for the 98-up for like 20 bucks but for the 97-down it is like 45-50!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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