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Green bar at top of screen?

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Whats up with the green bar welcoming me from my home town?
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haha mine says welcome from (Unkown city), UNITED STATES (US)
:withstupid: Mine says fishers, IN. Thats like 60 miles from me :dunno:
I like it....makes me feel San Antonio "TEXAS" is the best all over again :rotfl: :rotfl:
I was just fixing to ask this same question. Mine syas Annapolis, MD United States (US). Not quite sure what that is.
just testing some geolocating based on your ip. i know there are issues with some locations, especially with dynamic IPs.
where is george town canada :rotfl:
the data is only as accurate as the data people enter into it. you could put Area 51, NEvada and it would probably take it
Mine says livingston Tx which is about a hour from me.
On 2005-11-29 21:49, bradmo42 wrote:
haha mine says welcome from (Unkown city), UNITED STATES (US)
:withstupid: That's what mine says too. Noticed that last night.
Welcome from Winter Park, FL, UNITED STATES (US)

Yeah.. I WISH I was in Florida right now.... specifically Key West !

This will work for some, but with dynamic IP's and ISP's that use caching... it will be all wrong.

Alot of the time this info will pull from where the registrant of the IP block is. And if say for example the company that owns my net block is based out of Florida.. it shows me coming from there.

Prolly gonna be hard to get accurate... but good luck !
Welcome from Royal Palm Beach, FL, UNITED STATES (US)

not exactly prince george county va but i can dream :D: :bluecry:
Im in VA too and mine says Clearwater FL....??
All these years, I thought I lived in Arkansas... now, thanks to the green bar, I realize I have been lied to! I actually live in Monroe, Louisiana.
Would I don't know what city, or what country I'm in. Damn I'm totally lost again.
it says san francisco but i'm in san jose
ya'll can quit whining about it now, I removed it. :wall:
What happened to the green line on the top?? I knew where I was earlier, but now I'm lost. :flipoff:

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