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got a squeak in the front end

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i got a squeak in the front of my truck...sounds like a bushing but i cant find it. first thing i thought was my fittings but even after i added some more grease to them it still squeaks. i was told i had a bad sway bar end link a while ago by ramsport59...about a year ago...could that cause this noise? thanks in advance, ill be checkin it out tomorrow at work where i can put it on a lift and get under it for a good check over.

any ideas of what it could still new to all of this and im learnin as i go...any help is appreciated
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does it keep squeekin if you apply the brakes, if yes maybee u joint?
no...and it does it at any speed over the smallest of bumps.
If Rick pointed out the problem, why haven't you fixed that first?? :baby:
money issues...sway bar doesnt seem that important but now its just getting annoying...and i looked at all of the bushings on the sway bar and every single one of them is cracked pretty deep. do they make just bushing kits? or do i have to buy the whole repair kit?
Wondering the same thing that you are. ever since i tok my sway bar off to put my 3" spacers on something been squeaking. {expletive}s driving me crazy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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