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got a not so well known site for free stuff, figured ill let you guys in on it!! NOW WITH SOME PICS

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Hey guys, couple weeks ago i was talking to someone at a family party and they told me about a site called (freecycle) it is where groups of ppl in all states have got together in a effort to keep things out of the land fills, now before you go OMG here we go with the save the whales crap.. listen up.. the whole reason i decided to check it out is cause i have soooo much crap here that i could care less about, i dont feel like listing it on ebay or shipping it, so screw it, ill give some away.. now this works pretty darn good, ive listed some crap i was ready to toss and usually that day someone would email me and come get it!,you can also post wanted stuff as well, i posted that i wanted a CB radio about 1-2 weeks ago, and picked up one today.(see my other post for cobra 32 Xlr in the electronics section on here).for free of course.Now ive found that most groups will only allow someone who lives in that area to join that particular group, as you are expected to go fetch it from the giver, and anything you offer must be totally free.. but in the 2-3 weeks ive got my boys some walkie talkies,me a CB and gave about 20 things away, this really works, and i wanted to share with you guys so maybe you can get your hands on some cool stuff or just clean out your closet/garage like im doing.. good luck guys..Dave
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i just noticed it says" make a donation" on the first page, disregaurd that, you dont pay anything!!just click on you geographical area below that to find one close to you and fill out the request to be added to the list, they will email you back in a day or two and then you can start seraching/posting your stuff, i wouldnt tell you guys about it if it wasnt real!, this aint no BS site.. good luck guys.. hope you find something you like..Dave
They did an article in my paper about it earlier this year. Its amazing...a lot of the stuff you can't sell for much on eBay you can put on there and it just goes bye-bye! :bigthumb:
I hope I get approved by the owner.
On 2005-12-10 11:49, Madd Ramm wrote:
They did an article in my paper about it earlier this year. Its amazing...a lot of the stuff you can't sell for much on eBay you can put on there and it just goes bye-bye! :bigthumb:

yeah it doest have to be something worth much at all, ive gave away box full of full bottles of cologne that i never used, a older vcr with no remote, some clothes i dont wear anymore Etc., there is plenty of stuff there for the taking,if you need it, ive seen ppl offer beds, fridges, stoves, car parts, all kinds of stuff, im certainly not gonna list something on ebay that might get 2 bucks from!, by the time you do that you spend more on listing and paypal fees. just list it on freecycle and let someone who wants it have it, then when you see something you want jump on that..
i saw a post on that over on the pbb a while ago. something about a lady wanted a free trampoline so a guy said she could have his. then she said she wanted help to take it down, get it to her house and put it back up. something to that effect anyway and there were many more.
yeah ive seen a few things like that, basicly if you dont want or have a way to go get it dont bother, i had a lady contact me and say i really want the computer i was giving away, then she said well ill have to find a way there, i told her well good luck! and hopefully its still here, i list everything now as "1st person to come get it takes it!", that way no one thinks im gonna hold anything for them, IF you want it come and get it, im not gonna hold anything since most of the time i get like 5 replys wanting the item!, if you guys want to move the junk from your garage Etc.. this place is really good for that!!
to give you a idea..a screen shot from my inbox...heres a few of the recent ad's posted to freecycle, the ones from swtstang101 are mine..

if the image is hard to read the image twice and you will be able to read it
i would recomend setting up a freecycle box in your inbox, and saying to send you email when something is posted cause the stuff goes real fast, as you will see i posted a Box of old nextel phones, and then you will see i got a reply within a they are now gone..
You should put that link in the free stuff forum :bigthumb:
ok, guys, i just got back from picking some stuff up, this is what its all about, the lady had a box of what she called junk, that her husband left there, she posted it up, i emailed her back right away told her ill come get it tonite.. well guys.. here ya go..all free. somethings i might not use, most i will

and yes the ohm meter works, and the package above it is a new in the package power steering pump remover..




what was left that i didnt put on floor..mostly junk ..

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this is the ad...

[GlenBurnieMDFreecycle] OFFER: A mystery box for a man, this box has been sitting in my basement for a year. It has a variety of things in it. Paint brushes (new),
silicone, tape, nails, screws, grinding wheels, rabbit ears antennae,
brand new power steering pump pulley kit (still in the package), power
steering fluid, lawn weed killer and a bunch of other stuff. Must take
this whole box. I am clearing the clutter in my house. On the floor out
the door. Hurry to pick this up before my husband gets home and saves
it. Pick up in Ferndale.

Man, are those little "secret" age verification messages at the bottom getting harder and harder or is it just me... :rotfl:

Excellent score BTW. I just signed up.
On 2005-12-14 20:37, Chris wrote:
Man, are those little "secret" age verification messages at the bottom getting harder and harder or is it just me... :rotfl:

Excellent score BTW. I just signed up.

no, its not just you man... im feelin ya, getting
good luck man, hope you find somethin you need/ want, ive gotton and gave a good amount of crap away so far, ive found its only worth trying to sell certain stuff thats cluttering my house and garage up, most of it aint worth the sale, just list it up, give it a few days and if no one asks about it, just trash it!

I'll take the pack of smokes
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hahaha, i knew someone would comment on them, they were mine, fell out the
I got an email to sign me up I replied then it said to start sending messages reply back or to unsubscribe reply to a different addy.
Dont they need to know any info on me?
if you filled out the form online with your email addy, and it probably asked you what area you lived in, then no not really anymore info, all areas have a differnt thing to sign up, most have a page that asked the email addy, the reason you would like to join, and i think the general area you live in..

just email the one back that says for you to start doing it..
I'll try it
did you fill someing out like this online??this is the buffalo NY one.
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