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got a few questions for you guys?, serious replys only please.

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2 months ago my mom served her husband (not my father) with divorce papers and he moved out, she had been intimate with another guy (who is a good guy and i like him and he treated my mom good) for about 18 months previous to serving the papers, well after she served the papers she has been making up excuses to go see him at the other house they both own, i understand she has to go pick my sister up but does she really have to spend 3 or 4 hours there or the night, she will go there from work and watch CSI on monday nites, he lives 10 minutes away, she can drive home and watch CSI, she will make excuses to why she has to spend the nite with him or why she has to go places and she just happens to end up there. i know they are bullshit and so does she and she is blaming the guy she was dating on the side for me being pissed at her when it is her fault, me and him get along great and he did alot of stuff her husband never did and to top it all off she tells me to stay at my buddys house tonite but when i get home, guess who the {expletive} is here asleep in bed with her, now her husband is another story, if he was burning i wouldnt piss on him to put him out, if he died tomorrow i wouldnt think twice about it, they were married 13 years and for the last 3 they couldnt stand each other. so why is she doin this, she knows i hate him, but she still does it over and over and over again, im gonna put a stop to it tomorrow if he is here when i wake up. sorry for the vent but i had too this and alot of other stuff has really been eating at me lately :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
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Man sorry to hear that. You do have to remember though- even though it affects you-it's your mom's spouse, not yours. I don't mean that harsh or anything but do you want her to pick your girlfriends? You can't really spend that much of your life with someone and just walk away from them. About the guy that she was cheating on her husband with- if this guy was ok with her cheating, how do you know it wouldn't be ok for him to cheat on her later on? I wouldn't want to start a relationship with someone that way. Unless you plan to have an open relationship forever (some people do that). Otherwise it is just setting yourself up to get left for the flavor of the week.
its all ok though, im gonna get him.
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