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good prank

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alright we have had a lil prank war going on with peoples vehicles. i know this is immature and irresponsible but yeah whatever. i started off with covering this guys windows with post it notes and then saran wrapping his car. he got me back by putting a sticker of somethin ummm bad on my 4runner. i got one of his friends one night by coloring in his windows with window chalk and thats where it got ugly. that guy colored in my windows with window chalk then decided it was funny to poor syrup all over my 4runner. the window chalk ran down and colored my 4runner joy. i got it off after a few hours scrubbing and some car wash visits. since he stepped over the line its time for somethin bad. any ideas on what to do next??? i was thinkin peanut butter and hjelly on his windows then cover that with bread sounds good to me. any other good ideas please help?? and anyone have some good stories to share of some good pranks??? and once again i know this is really immature but somethin has got to be done
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syrup is dick....gummy bears in the sunlight :fu:
PHAG TAG EM, and watch em run around town with the thin little rainbow stickers on theyre backwindow
stop now before you loose a friend........
superglue everything. the wipers to the winsheild. if he leaves it unlocked all the knobs if there are things in his cupholders glue them in.
superglue is awesome, we did that to our teachers desk one year.. ahaha she freaked out
run a garden hose fomr his exhaust under the car and into a hole you'll drill through the floorboard under the seat into the cab......... That'll teach him :rotfl:

On 2005-12-01 16:11, mopar wrote:
stop now before you loose a friend........


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dog crap under the door handles is a good one.

fill the HVAC vents with the punches from a hole puncher.

trick shops sell whistles for the tail pipe.

bologne on the windshield, even better if its warm and sunny out.

tie a roll of ribbon to the undercarriage and set it on the frame, so as he goes down the road, it will fall off and he will have a 50' streamer.

put a bunch of different smelling air freshners inside at the same time, the combination of lets say 5-6 different ones will just about make him puke.

hide a container of Night Crawlers somewhere inside, he wont find that for a week or two.
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wow yall have some great ideas and yall are some mean people gosh took no time to come up with a bunch of different ones. i wouldn't be doing all of this if we was my friend. i personally think the guy is a dick. i wish i could get access inside his car, then i would empty a couple bottles of deer piss on his carper. i want somethin thats gonna piss him off but doesnt cause any permanent damage. and wow hahahahhahaa god yall are so hatefull people. keep um coming
On 2005-12-01 16:11, mopar wrote:
stop now before you loose a friend........


that or the two of you can get together with a 12pack (case optional), 2 lawn chairs, 2 gallon of gas, and 2 road flares.

1.) 1 gallon of gas per vehicle (preferably on the interior with the doors open)
2.) light the flare and throw it onto the gas covered vehicle (1 apeice)
3.) Open a beer and place your a$$ on the lawnchair at a safe distance and watch your vehicles burn to the ground.

Screwin with peoples vehicles is just wrong, you both would be better off to stop now before serious damage is done.
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ok well then ....... stop now before he messes up your truck, you might think about something that will not hurt his car but he might not do the same for you.
If its sunny out take a bunch of kraft singles cheese and thrown them all over the car. when the sun melts them its gonna be a B*tch to get all that off
hahaha yeah i gues yall are right its funny to mess wit people but dont want serious crap done to mine and im only 16 lil young for legal drinking on a front lawn. sounds good though
On 2005-12-01 16:56, RednekYank wrote:
hahaha yeah i gues yall are right its funny to mess wit people but dont want serious crap done to mine and im only 16 lil young for legal drinking on a front lawn. sounds good though

Too young to drink but not too young to vandilize?

Ever seen what a cender block thrown outa a vehicle at 50-60 MPH does to a parked vehicle?

You are not playing a smart game, it is allready escalating.

Your vehicles are not the only thing in danger of getting damaged. Wether you are 16 or not, that wouldn't be a thought if I caught you vandalizing my vehicle.

From the sound of it you two are idiots

:loser: :slap:
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get some clear silicone and silicone his doors shut. it'll be a bitch for him to get the door open. that or the zip tie is a good one, just make sure it's close enought to the transmission or tranfer case that it hits the bottom of the body.
alright XJ. yes i am old enought to vandalize and NO i don't vandalize random peoples {expletive}. i have know this guy since 6th grade, we have been friends for most of it. yes i think he is a dick but im not just gonna go around {expletive}in wit random peoples {expletive}. im not gonna go do some crap that is gettin me shot or beat up. maybe u are the idiot for just a$$uming. {expletive}. don't a$$ume it makes an a$$ of you and me. but its cool u didnt know just :flipoff: wit ya. i think im gonna stop, right after i ducktape some fish under his fender wells :D:
Get inside and hand cuff his drivers door to the steering wheel.
Get a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with dog [email protected] and piss,mix real well and pour it on his rig or put it on random spots of the car so it he wont find it till it stinks it up.Oh yea put some on his gas cap too. :bigthumb: :rotfl:
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