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good place to live between UT and CO

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I am moving out in less than 7 mon. and debating on were to go.
I love to wheel and around here there is no much to do in the form of rock crawling. much of my family and my best friend live in pheonix so I thought the CO UT border would be perfect. jason (my best friend) said he would move in and pay half rent or house payment so that is settled. my question is this...

were are the nearest towns to moab and I think there is smog in UT but is there any smog in CO?

I will be going to comunity college so are there many around that area?

also right know I am working at a local shop here as a mechanic and love what I do but would like to get more into the welding feild, is there any demand fo that kind of work in that area?

and lastly what kind of housing is available, price, and I will need a shop to store all my tools and my jeep. so are there any good comunitys close to warehouse districts or just how available are small 2000 sq ft shops?

thanks for any info.
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Dang that's a lot of questions. My advice would be to look into a technical college around those area's. Then you can start looking at housing cost, and such.
On 2005-11-24 23:06, Tufiremn wrote:
Dang that's a lot of questions.

thats cause I am serious :silly:
You might want to try out something in the grand junction area or delta colorado that is where JACK lives and he does construction so you might be able to get a job in your field and delta is only an hour and a half from Moab so you can do some rock crawling when you move out here. Colorado is beautiful as long as you can stand the cold and almost unpredictable weather! :rotfl:
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