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glide to a chevy t-case

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will a powerglide hook to a t-case without any kind of aftermarket adapter or can you use a chevy one, a boy here at school has a powerglide and a set of chevy 1/2 ton axles forsale for 125 bucks, 50 for the axles and 75 for the tranny, both are perfect except front axle needs balljoints and they come with steel wagon wheels, they are from a 73 blazer. they are goin under my s10
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if you can find a divorced factory t-case and jack shaft, then yes :rotfl:

seriously though, there are no 4x4 glides.
usually people use powerglide trans for drag racing low first high second maby for mud racing
Im sure he figured it out.....its only been a little over a year :D:
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