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Glasscapes Window Graphics

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Does anyone have any intel on these? How do they stick? Do they go on the outside or inside the window? Are they a PITA to put on and to take off? If it is anything like doing window tint I will mostly likely get pissed off and end up destroying it and be out of 80 bucks.
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they go on the outside, you just line them up and trim them to fiteasier than hell to put on, im guessing your getting the dixie flag
You wouldnt be puttin on the stars n bars window graphic would you now??? :bigthumb:
LOL, nah no Confederate flag for me. I was thinking about going with the dolphin motif. :rotfl:
They arent to bad my buddy had on one his truck they work great if you bust out your back window holds the glass together lol :bigthumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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