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getting stuff done

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alright finally getting some stuff done this weekend with the help of josh petters (DTR) we will be installing my gauges, grinding a #100 plate and advancing my timing i think i'll put it at 16.5-17* would that be ok
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oh yeah, thats right... damn *******.... lol

tell JP matt says hey, and that he should refrain from bending valves, cuz its not a good thing... :rotfl:
will do
15.5-16 is a good number for a daily driver that does not have a ton of fuel.
Kyle, I told Josh last saturday to take care of you! :D: acouple of the local tri-state area guys from the TDR and a couple non-members and I met at Hooters in Lacross last sat, and I brought it up to josh, that I was just to dang far away, and couldnt do timming or valves for you, so he said he would probably take care of it for you!, ALPHA,- You missed a dang good time at Hooters, we were hoping you would make it, but, NOSHOW!! :loser: , it was Josh, thefat kid, chris Snieder, and a couple others I cant think of right know, Oh, and HOOTERS GIRLS!!! :shock: mybe next time! :bigthumb:
i might have tried to make it, but I didnt even know about it.
I thought Josh or Chris said they tried to get you, but you didnt answer., it also was a topic on TDR on the wisconsin chapter side. Chris, said, he was hoping to get you there so he could get you that tire and rim hes got layin around.I guess I could have called you to, I got your # programed into my cell! :wall: :slap:
thanks`shawn and yeah he is takin care of me on sat i cant wait
well got it all done and wow did that 100 plate really wake up the truck in the passing lane oh and the gagues look good also. josh really hooked me up i mean we spent 8hrs doing everything but boy was it worth it now i want more and i've only had these mods one day :rotfl: but you guys should see what he has planned for his truck it'll be one bad cummins.
It only gets better :): Careful with your stock tranny now. Make sure you keep your RPM's up.
fire rescue keep the rpms up because that will keep the line pressure up? what about from a stand still wont getting after it really make my trans to take a crap or did you mean just while driving ie. turn off the over drive when i can.
While driving you want to keep your RPM's up, a minimum of 1700. Yes this keeps the pressures up in the tranny. A flat footed start from a dead stop with your new power will be rough on the tranny. In order to keep your tranny around as long as possible I would try to limit using the power unless you have the RPM's.
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