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Gear installers in northern NJ

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I am itching for an upgrade and I think it's time for new gears. I want to do 4.56's with detroit locker in the rear. Any recommendations for a good shop in Northern New Jersey.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions :D:
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where ya at?
my father does side work for $50 hr... gave georgesblazah a deal... he got quotes as high as $1200 and as low as $700 for just labor... well it took george $100 for my father to do the back gears and detroit...... now if we can get the 2 coordinated to do the front!!!!!
Thanks Rootbreaker but your too far from me I searched mapquest and Williamstown is 2+ hours away
im in northern jersey and i can find anyone to do it reasonably.

id drive 2 hours for that cheap of a rate, but i need both front and rear done, your dad gonna be up to it? how much time does he need before?
Black Ram-I'm in Bergen County.

Hieneken-I've been reconsidering my comment from yesterday. I've been looking around our area here and everyone charges too much or I'm not too sure of their work.

Rootbreaker-I'll send you a message after I get all my parts together.
yeah i got hooked up, but our freakin schedules are always conflicting...cant never seem to find time to do front :wall:
you run diffrent gears in the front and rear? isnt that like suicde for the t-case???
well yea, but whats the pint of having a 4x4 if you cant engage it :D:

id just wait and save up for both front and rear
yeah we havent had time to do the front...ifs is a bitch :):
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