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Gear install

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Hey guys, i got around to gettin a few quotes to install gears (4.10's) the two quote were 1500 and 1800 (that includes parts) i though this was outragous i know its about 450 in parts i cant imagine labor being 1200 or so.
Could everyone chime in and let me know how much they paids to have their installed, and let me know if i am right about the price.
Chris :
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that is way too expensive. cause i am about to put a 15" lift on my 95 Z71 and the gears come with it. the shop told me that they can install the kit and the gears for under 5,000. if i was you, i would just install the gears myself. it really isn't all that hard, just a little bit of time. the chiltons manual even tells you step by step how to do it, i believe.
thanks thats what i figured, yeah i already have instructions on how to do the install, hey do you know what tires you will be running after you install the lift, just curious

probably 40's not to big, cause i have to still be able to get the wife and duaghter in it. I am also trying to keep it a legal height and 40's cut it close.
hodge where bout in VA are you?? and where did u get some prices from?? Need gears in mine and didnt know where in VA u were...thanks
i am in richmond (wet end) yeah i got quotes from Mince Tire, and from 4 Wheel Drive Specialty. have you gotten quotes from around you. i can get rin and pinion for front and rear with a master bearing kit for a little under 500 which isnt bad. but they want mega bucks to install them... so i think me and my dad might do it after my surgery

some tranny shops do gear installs to.Give you guys more places to check out
Unfortunately, that's the going rate around here. Join a 4x4 club. Usually someone they know installs gears.

i had my gears put in at progear in dinwiddie but dirty daves (formaly virginia liftmasters) on puddel duck rd can give u a price. i tore the gov. lock set up in the rear up and re did the gears my self it wont bad once i got in to it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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