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Gas no spark?

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OK I put this in here because the "other rig" section barely sees traffic. My Isuzu died on me the other day, it starts fine, but the idle is extremly rough. Also its missing a cylinder on the passenger side bank, number 3. Now instead of my truck having the normal distributor, or even the 3 ignition coils, it has individual ignition packs on top of all the spark plug holes. So theres 6 ignition packs on the motor. I changed all the plugs, and it didnt fix it so we decided it must be a pack.

Do these go out often? I'm running to the salvage yard Monday to pick a couple up since they're $100 new (talk about a $700 tune-up). Anybody have experience with these POSes?
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I agree with you. It sounds like an ignition pack. Is there any way you can have the engine running while pulling each ignition pack to see which one is bad. If you pull one and you have no idle change then there's your bad pack. There is another way but I dont know what the voltage would be. You can test each ignition pack with a voltmeter. I'd just pull one off and if you have no idle change, put it back on and move to the next one. Be carefull though, theres enough punch in one of those packs to knock you the f#@% out man :D:
I've grabbed a set of wires one time too and that was one time too many. The idea I have is to just swap the packs side to side, until the dead cylinder occurs on the drivers side (true duals are nice).
Thinking along the ame lines as Justramit, but old school style. Pull a plug wire off and look for any change in idle. Always worked on the old carbed engines.
But it doesnt always die at idle, just under load. Thats why I'm almost positive its a pack. Oh well we'll see tonight!
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