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Gas mileage

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Look's like my lift only slightly hurt my gas mileage. I’m still getting around 12 combined driving. I can't complain about that even though it is still less than the sticker said.
At least the price at the pump has gone down again. How's every one else on gas mileage?
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I know, I cant believe the gas prices $1.05 for regular here in Maine (too bad my truck can only run on premium). I just hope the price doesn't go up again.
I have been extremely lucky with gas mileage. I still get about 23. Can't complain.
I forgot to mention...I have a little trick anyone can use for getting the gas mileage way up. Trust me, it works like a charm. It's how I get good gas mileage.
....okay??? well, are you going to share it with us? :dunno: ...or will it remain a secret that's for you to know and for us to find out? :lol:
Ok...enough suspense. Here's the trick for great gas mileage. This is what I did. When I bought my truck it had great gas mileage. Then I did nothing. I didn't mess around with everything. Works great and the resale is still high too. Everyone's happy! Good luck!
Yea, good one. I have a 99 dodge diesel, 4 1/2 inch skyjacker lift, 315/75/16 tires, and my milage hasn't gone down hardly at all. I have to manually compute it now, since the spedometer is off and my computer reads from that, it says I'm getting 14 or 15 mpg, when in actuallity I'm getting 18 or 19 at times.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: You are very right!!! ...but I'll sacrifice some mileage, cuz I love the way my truck looks and handles!!! :bigthumb:
I think im gettting between 12-14mpg but im definatly not complaining since our gas is down to $.87 for 87 octane, $1.07 for 91 octane.
i get about 8mpg around town, and 13ish on the highway at 60-65 mph. which im not complaining about, since i was lucking to get 14 before the lift and tires. anything over that, i couldnt pour the gas in fast enough!
what type of driving style do you guys have to get this mileage? my mileage blows. I have to drive my truck like an old lady to average 10mpg with a combo of city and a little freeway. If I drive the way I want to or like to I get about 8ish.
I think its time to see the Dodge dealer for a little chat.
thats pretty bad. i get about 12.5 average city and highway combined. and thats going about 65-75 on the highway and taking it easy around town. the worst ive ever averaged on a tank was 10 mpg, and that was pulling a 18 ft. bass boat all day and loaded down with gear.
I have a 94 regular cab long bed. I am running 3:55 gears with a 5" skyjacker package and 35x12.5 procomps. I have the manual 5 speed tranny. I track my milage with every tank and keep it logged in maintenance log I keep in teh truck. Here goes:
before the lift: 15city, 20 freeway.
after the lift : 12city, 17 freeway
the best I have seen after the lift was on a trip to LA on I-5. I got 20mpg with the gate down and the ac on cruising at about 75-80. By the way, 78 MPH = 2000 RPM now.
I runa GPS in the truck all the time so all of my number are from that.
Anybody donr a fuel tank upgrade? I hear that you can't run duels on my truck but there is a larger tank that you can get. I'd be interested in that. Right now, I can sqeeze a bit over 500 out of a tank. If I can stuff in a 40 gallon tank, I could get 800. That would be too sweet! I would have to fill up but every other month! :): I could buy on the dips in the market.
one other thing: afriend of mine just put in a "PowerAid"(?). It was a 15 minute install. Its a device that causes the air to do a sort of "tornado" effect so there is a better mix of air and fuel. He swears by this thing. He said that the power increase was very noticable off the line and that he is getting about 20-30 more miles out of a tank. He was not able to tell me exactly how much the MPG increased because he never tracked it before the install, so the best he could do was give me a rough estimate based on total miles per tank. flawed I know, but its something. Its a $80 investment so its really not much and if the results are the same, it would pay for iteslf quickly. I'm thinking about doing this. If I do, I post my results to the board.
Anyone out there have this thing already?
I know that when I go into Dodge about the mileage they are going to try and blame it on my headers or on my flowmaster set up. Even if they find something else they will probably try and tell me that it was caused by my parts and isnt a warranty thing.

My truck used to do alot better on mileage when it was new than it does now.
my friend has a poweraid throttle body spacer in his ram and he said it increased his gas mileage by a couple mpg. the only thing is it whistles liud when your driving it, you hear the air sucking in. even over the sound of his 14.5 inch wide road hawgs. im looking to buy one along with an air intake kit.

hey rampage, dont you already have a 35 gallon tank with your long bed. putting on a 40 gallon tank isnt going to give you an extra 300 miles per tank unless your gonna get 60 mpg on that last 5 gallons.
This is from a previous post where Jason replied:

A TB spacer has no real impact on a direct injected motor (MPI, multiport injection) like our. If our Rams were TBI (throttle body injected) then they may help since there is a fuel/air mix that can be better mixed and sped up with the spacer. The only thing going through our intakes is air and a spacer may help, but most reports are that they do not help and are not worth the money. Also, it is very difficult to fit a Gen I K&N with the spacer.
I dont *think* I have the 35 gallon tnak. When I fill that puppy up from bone dry it usually tops out at about 28-ish. I seam to remember somebody saying that there is a 45 gallon aftermarket that we can get and stuff up under these things.
On the "PowerAid", I'm going to find one that has a return not questions asked policy, and if it doesn't help then I'll mail it back. I'll post whatever the results are when I get it.
Well, I didnt buy my Dodge to get gas mileage out of it, but at 16 mpg it does better thatn my ol' 78 ramcharger did. I don't ever expect to pull low 20s out of it, but if that was something I needed to do I'm sure it would be accomplished. I'd be interested in opinions on exhaust systems in relation to mileage.
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