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fuel line disconnect at fuel tank

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first off i used search, and fouind noting about these connections. i've compared pics of the ford quick disconnect fittings, and these look like weird a$$ spring clamps. any idea which pliers i need to get them off? i'm sure it a ford only tool. got a new tank coming in a few days and i need to get the old one out. thanks.
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Some vehicle specs would help...
yeah, i guess! sorry, brain fade. 1994 f-150 I6, trying to remove front tank. everything if loose of disconnected except the feed and return lines coming out of the tank. i need to get those clamps off. thanks!
more than likely. Here is an idea. Look at the fittings and see if it need a special tool.
Yeah its that easy :bigthumb:
You need a fuel/trans/A/C line disconect tool set. It is five pieces of plastic for the diferent sized lines to push the spring over the retainer on the inner half. These sets are less than $20.00 in Canada, I didn't see where you are from but they aren't that much. Usually it takes some monkeying to get the line to let go due to dirt build up over time. sray oil helps I found.
Ya, it should need a standard quick disconnect tool.

Like this -

this -

or there are other similar types as well. Spray some penatrating lube in connection first to free up the spring, then insert the tool and you'll probably have to mess around with it a bit before it comes apart.
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thanks! i will pick up a set here. :sorry:
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