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Fuel leak need help asap

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well last 2 days i smelt diesel again strong oder while truck is running well last night when running i looked and damn if if diesel aint a flowin out from somewhere drippin down underneath. I believe its coming from this one part in which i will try to describe. Its a 95 dodge ram when looking at front of truck and fuel filter is on drivers side this part lower then fuel filter and towards the left and is round maybe 3-4" and few inches tall and has atleast two hoses running to it. It looks familar to something i've seen in a post before...
thanks! if need be i can try to get a pic thanks.

just went looked again and its in front of the lift pump (thing with plunger think i used right name) if looking from front of truck or to its side which ever. thanks
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The prefilter screen? Fuel heater?
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Fuel heater/prefilter i believe. Is this common? Anyone replaced this before, easy job? not even sure this is the spot but think it might be.
My rubber lines started to go at about 170k. Its pretty common.
I can't really tell which it is, lift or fuel heater, lift, Are these hoses hard to replace? Sucks i dont have a garage and its pretty cold outside :wall:
sounds like the location and design of the lift pump to me, fairly easy to replace the hoses after u take out the fuel filter
Gunna see if i can repair it later on once i get some sleep and get up.
is it still forsale?
Once you get the leak figured out and fix, can you shoot me a message with what wasleaking and how much it cost to fix. I seem to have the same problem on my 99 doge, but can't seem to find the leak. :wall:
Anyone know if this is a common problem with the cummins?
i dont believe the leak itself is a common problem, however lift pumps on the 24v's are notorious for their problems, luckily they're a cheap and easy fix :roll:
On 2005-12-10 02:14, MarkC wrote:
is it still forsale?

Actually i would sell it today if i could its just i don't have much of any credit since this is first loan in my name and i can't finance much of anything for couple months till i establish a line of credit, i want another z71. Id be glad make a deal with you though might have wait though but it will be back up forsale..
It is the line lit up in red, had time to check it where the rubber hose connects to the metal line towards front of truck it is leaking reallly bad there was an extra hose clamp on the the metal line as if some one slid it down before and threw a new one on in its place. Its very hard to get to and what sucks is i dont have the time to fix it so unfortunatly i might have to drop off at shop and get raped but dont have much choice i guess unless some one lives close to me and wants make some money or beer whichever? in dover de pm me if you wanna fix :rotfl:
fixed it today and no more leak, aint no joke when people say its not easy to get to. So much junk in way i found that the method of pulling fuel filter was easiest, anyways its fixed.

I have a question though i was told by one guy whos been around motors a long time owns diesels you name it that diesel fuel line is designed to hold in the diesel and if u dont use the line made for diesels it will seep right threw reg. line or eat threw it?? Well guy where i bought my line from says exact opposite that gas is harder on the lines than diesel, which is true?

My truck is leaking around the same area too -- not bad, but its definitely leaving a spot in the drive. Its not bad enough to smell either, just bviously leaking from the same area yours was -- can you list what exactly you did and which lines you replaced so I know what to look for? Thanks
Alright, well its the hose thats red in the picture. Its a pain in a$$ to get to, well my leak was up near the connection from which it changes from rubber to metal line up by motor so i was able to shine a flash light in there and then manage to get hand in there and few the leak as well as see it. Also this line runs down to bottom of truck so you may be able to see from underneath. Its 5/16 diesel fuel line, i read to get 3 ft and thats what i did although the piece you pull out isn't that long just little room for play and making job easier i a$$ume. I removed the fuel filter for easier access up top and down below you can just stretch your arms up there or have read of people removing the starter. Other than that its a hoseclamp (on mine atleast) on each end undo them pull hose off and reverse,also don't go overboard tightning them hoseclamps not loose but not crazy tight was told it will cut into the line. Hope this helps.
I replaced the line a few years ago because it was nearly pouring fuel I can smell it again and have noticed some new spots in the driveway. Haven't had time to investigate yet though.
thats how mine was, it wasn't drip here and there it was coming out bad and all you smelt was diesel it would leak down to top of tranny them steam up it was gettin bad. ha the guy where i bought my hose from told me i would have to pull the motor to replace the line, can't remember gettin that far though.
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