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Fuel Guage Question

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I've got a 78 F250 with the stock fuel tank and stock fuel guage. It only has one tank, no reserve tank or anything like that. For some reason my fuel guage doesn't really work. When I fill the tank up completely, the guage will move to about half tank, make a clicking noise, then go back down to empty and will stay there until I fill it up again. Does anybody know what the problem is? Do I need a new sending unit or just a new guage?

Also, does anybody know any good websites to find new guages, or sending units?
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if its an electrical gauge not mechanicle ground should make it read empty or full and power should make it read the opiset of ground thats a way to see if the gauge is bad or not.
Well I don't know if it's electrical or mechanical.
On 2005-11-27 20:38, Nitrofueled14 wrote:
Well I don't know if it's electrical or mechanical.
it is electrical. is that the only guage that is giving you fits?
Well the only guage that works is my spedometer. I have my amp, oil pressure, temp, and tach mounted separately. I've got SunPro guages. Otherwise the stock guages other than my spedometer don't work.
it could be something as simple as the voltage regulator on the back of the guage cluster. but to be honest with you im not sure how to test it. i usually just hook my other guages up and see if they ready funky as well. if they do then a regulator usually fixes it.

since none fo the guages are hooked up it cant hurt to start with checking your grounds.
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