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front end alignment?

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just wonderin how much a front end alignemnt SHOULD cost. my mom just paid 75 bucks to get the front end aligned on her jeep grand cherokee and i thought this was a little steep. i thought i remeber hearing them be cheaper then that. how much are these things supposed to cost or am i just gonna have to shell out that much for an alignment on my 4runner?
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it all depends where you go some dealerships are 90-120 where I work it's 47.90 for a thrust angle or 64.90 for a four wheel. customs specs or modified vehicles are more.
$64.99 for a 4 wheel alignment at Sears where work.
so i guess 70 bucks is just about right?? what are those two types u said, four wheel and thrust angle? sorry for the newb questions, just curious.
four wheel is front and rear some mini vans and most cars
thrust angle is the same as front end. trucks and other vehicles with a non adjustable rear axle.
so that would make my 4runner a thust angle right?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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