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front driveshaft after long arms

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I noticed the other day after it snowed that the truck has a slight vibration when running down the road in 4x4. I can spin the front driveshaft and does not appear to have any clearance problems. I have done a search on this issue and guessing that I need to install the indexing ring. Am I headed in the right direction to fix the problem? Thanks.
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Id say you're headed in the right direction with the driveshaft. Since everything else turns in 2wd except for the driveshaft. :bigthumb:
the vibration you are getting i probably front the angle of the driveshaft, yes. if the angle is steep at the pinion you are going to get some vibrations. the indexing ring will greatly reduce the angle of the front driveshaft and with only 6" lift will put it almost back at the stock angle
If your only running 6" I doubt it's the d-shaft angle, I'd check your double cardon joint in the front shaft...
yeah, maybe i should stay out of this one, i am not from up north where you guys have to use 4wd at high speeds.
I replaced all u-joints on the front shaft a couple of years ago. I can turn the shaft and does not turn like a u-joint would have a catch in it or metal to metal contact at the double joint.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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