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front d-shaft/x-fer case

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front d-shaft is squealing, but is making no contact at any time, even fully flexed. Also truck makes hard clunking sound when letting off clutch to get going

and finally

same ole front axle clicking when in 4 wd (hi or lo) that gets worse when turning to the right, hub appears tight, u-joint is tight

someone help me out
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nothing, no-one, come on i'm trying to get these little nit picky issues fixed before the truck goes bye bye
how is the double caritagain(sp) jointup by the t-case
mine made noise for a while till i droped shaft to do the u joint on it and i noticed it was bad on mine maybe try that
took the shaft off, and no issues, hub is tight, ball joints tight, x-fer case with plenty of fluid, no slack in nything i can find, WTF
no chips in any of the gears or on the axle shafts

i am no expert i am just going off what i would check
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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