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Front bumper

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I finished the design process of my bumper. I am going to make a mock-up of it using thick plasitc sheets and pvc. I am Just wanting to see if there is anything I may have looked over. Would like to hear yall's input.


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One more picture!

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That's because they are on his computer.
Pics are fixed!
nice, but i think thatyou are going to need to tie in the ends of the brush gaurd. those are long and will probably vibrate and will bend back intothe lights/grill if they actually hit anything.
Looks good. Though when you build it you'll need to add some tabs between the ends of the tub, and the top of the bumper.
Thanks. I didn't even think about that. I am sure when I start welding it up that I would have caught it. I should just be able to weld some scrap metal there at the end to keep it from bending into the light, or do I need a better way to attach it?
Nope, That's about it. Just to keep them from folding back if you hit bambi.
looks like a great bumper!, yeah def make some support for the bars, but other then that it looks sweet. cant wait to see the finished product
What are you going to make the headlight loops out of? On my Ruenel bumper they made it out of 1" solid shaft. Yah its heavy, but it does not bend or flex at all, like most "grill gaurds" do. I check a gril gaurd by grabbing the headlight loop and yanking on it. It the truck moves and the loop does not flex, its a good one. If it flexes, then it still needs some help. Just my $.02.

I am going with 1 5/8" O.D. tubing. I have no way of bending solid stock. I think it will be plenty stout enough when I get finished with it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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