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Fixed the truck!

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Wow, not a bad truck now that its in good operating condtion. I found my Tv cable to be shot plus it wasen't connected i went picked new one up part # 52079204 for $80.10. I got lucky its special order part but one dealer had one which someone never picked up. Took like 5 minutes to put it in and get it set where it needed to be. Pedals alot stiffer now and you can feel the torque of the truck. No more taking off with hard shifts from one gear to another, able to have the power to pass other cars. Before pushing down the gas pedal it wouldnt have much reponse now it kicks down a gear to give ya more power like it should. Also before while in town it didnt want to shift till high rpm, this being because of this cable not being functional. Anyways im really impressed with the truck now next week i plan to order a fuel plate and a 4" exhaust system and im getting timing advanced later this week to maybe 16'. From what i've read seems what most people go for. So new fuel filter,water sensor,cable $160 and i got good running truck. Im keeping it now its right and its getting lifted, so if anyones got any 7" lift coils,drop pitman, or aftermarket trackbar like DT or long arms, let me know. Thanks!!! :D:
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Glad to hear you got the truck running right. I'm sure your glad you didn't sell it now that it runs good. The fuel plate is going to make a big difference as well as the exhaust. :bigthumb:
fuel plate :bad: without GAUGES!

Glad its running right for ya! :wink: :bigthumb:
be sure to straight pipe it right off the bat, because if you dont, i will promise you within a few months you will
for getthe 4" get stacks :naughty:
On 2005-11-21 18:45, DIXIEDIRT wrote:
4 inch stacks lol, try 6 or bigger

yeah i ment dont get a 4" exhaust i was saying get stacks
Stacks are cool in all but i got toolbox and dont like the way it looks with stacks in front of or in back of a toolbox. I do want to get all the gauges, i seen 4 or 5" exhaust systems fairly cheap on ebay, which would i be better off with if 5" is better ill pay little more money now and be better off later if thats the case. I have straight pipe now sounds pretty cool and removed silencer ring would my timing be good advanced to 16 or 16.5 with a plate and exhaust system?

If you straight piped the truck and removed the CAT I personally would not spend the money on a 4" system until you get more fueling that just a fuel plate. It's not worth the money at this time. The stock 3" pipe is good to about 300HP.

You'll hear guys say their EGT's were cooler with 4", their turbo spooled better, and MPG's were better. I'm sure most of these guys went from the bone stock 3" system to the 4". A free flowing opened up 3" system will support 300HP just fine with little to no different in performance over a 4" system.

BTW - in the other thread you mentioned the TV cable was dicked but you just now got around to fixing it :confused: I'm glad you got the truck running as it should.
Yep, it was messed up and i mentioned it not being connected and no one said nothing and i didnt have a clue what it did. Well after reading and finding out its reason for being there i jumped right on it and fixed it. The only issue i have now is gas milage, im allmost down to a half tank and gone little over 150 miles at this rate that would be like 8 or 9mpg i figured it up earlier couldnt remember. That i do need to get straight maybe when i advance my timing it will fix it? What else could be killng gas milage? its not the right foot, air filter is clean, its cheap one so will replace anyways and the fuel filter was just changed. what else should i check? btw it does have 4.10 gears and 285s i do want to put bigger tires to help better milage.

Bigger tires will help alot I think. You could probably run a 38 with the 4.10 gears and still be fine.
Im hoping man at rate im going im getting less than 13mpg, that blows considering diesel cost more than gas and i got tad more than that in old truck, i figured getting a diesel would = better milage. I need to take it to shop have it checked over im just scared i'll get slaped with an outragous bill :wall:
its probly nothing serious but just wish i could figure it out on my own.
change your avatar pic.
and bad fuel mileage can be caused by your stock timing slipping back
im gettin 9-10 mpg in my rig but the trans is slippin pretty good. i think thats my case but she is spending a few nights at the stealer getting it looked at have 69,350 miles so im under warranty still. i wish i new why it was so bad cause when i got the truck 11/2 years ago it was gettin 19mpg
the 4.10 gears are what is killing you, i got them also, the best tank i got was 17 mpg..... the last tank i filled up i had 14.7 so..... all i can say is stay out of the fuel .... go easy on it keep it under 2 grand till you can stuff a set of 35s under there
so what is the ideal tire size with 3.73's for the best fuel mileage
mopar thats the case then im stretching this tank pretty further then it seemed like it would go im a little over 15mpg now i might hit 16. What would 35s probly bring it too maybe 18? or what?

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