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Fix or keep driving?

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My old 89 cummins has been running really well over the years that i have owned her but ive been starting to have a few problems. I had the tranny rebuilt which was no big deal and i havent had any trouble out of the motor but it seems like here lately if it aint the door locks braking, door latches not latchig, or a wiring problem its something else. I know the old gal needs new door latches, probaly a new wiring harness, and it wouldnt hurt non to put a new dash in it. Now there is no way that i am selling the truth i kinda feel like i am married to it in a way. But my question is do ya guys think i should just go ahead a fix it or go buy me another truck? I dont have the money to buy a new truck right now unless i get a loan but in a few months ill be getting my calf and cow check and should almost have enough to buy a new cummins :D: :D: :D: :D:
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Run this one til it dies, then buy the new one. But on the other hand, I'm a$$uming this one is paid for. Or keep this, and buy the new cummins. Then just use this as a play toy.
i say keep runnin it. If all the problems you are havin is door latches and some wiring issues you can fix that for way less then a new truck is going to set you back
wait to get the new one and build a pulling truck out of old on.
sell me your motor so I can put it in my ford :bigthumb: and you can use that money to add towards your NEW truck!!!
i think you guys are right ill just keep driving her for awhile till i can get the new truck and then ill just keep the old gal as a tinker toy or maybe when i get a shop a frame up restoration :D: :D:
As a former banker/loan officer- drive the old truck until something MAJOR goes wrong with it.

Put your money in some sort of investment- Certificates of Deposit (CD's) if you want no risk (usually pay higher than savings accounts) or stocks and bonds if you don't mind taking a risk. Ask your banker their opinion.
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