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Filter change time for fass

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Its time for me to change the fuel filter in my FASS system, but I'm having difficulties finding a place that sells them. Where do you all order your replacement fuel filters from?
(Just started looking tonight, haven't called the place where I go the fass from yet, there closed for the night)

I will be calling them tomorrow morning.
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Long Island Performance Diesel, 631-285-1174 - ask for Jeremy.

They have the 3 micron Fleetguard HF6604 for something like $45 each I believe.

I can also provide you with part numbers that you can get from your local Napa too...

FIL 1202 is a 5 micron Napa
FIL 1724 is a 10 micron Napa

WIX 51202 is a 5 micron Wix (about $15 from my local auto parts house)
WIX 51724 is a 10 micron Wix

If you can find Baldwin:

BT372MPG is a 10 micron Baldwin
BT37210 is a 5 micron Baldwin

Then you have the list of Fleetguards that will work...keep in mind your factory filter is rated at 10 micron.


HF6604 is 3 micron
HF6607 is 6 micron

Those are about it...there is also a donaldson filter as well and then the Cim-Tek's that FASS sells.

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