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FC-II's on stock rims, and wheelin with kids

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Hey all, been quietly reading the site for a while. looking at the FC-II's. I have a 97 dodge 1500 with 3" body lift, 3" susp. lift, and stock wheels right now. need new tires and wanted the 305/70/16 FC-II's. 4 Wheel Parts says they dont know if it would work on stock rims without rubbing. I will eventually purchase different wheels, but for now I raise two daughters and they come before my toys... Speaking of which, anyone go mild 'wheeling with their kids? like class 1 trails and stuff? just wondering if anyone finds this inapropriate or not. Oh, two girls, 2 and 7. They love to be outside, so it could work to Daddy's advantage.....
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i had a set of 305/70's on my old 2500 stock steel/chrome wheels without lift and they didnt rub
at work we put 285's on 1500's with stock wheels and only a tiny bit of rub on the control arm....
if you maybe ran a 1 inch spacer behind your stock wheels it would cure your problems

i have gone wheeling with girls (they were closer to 17 and 18 year old "girls") but they loved it...scared them a little with steep hill climbs but they enjoyed it

thanks for the info, it will help in my decision. I will not run spacers behind the wheels for safety reasons, though. If it comes to that, its time for new wheels. Im just trying to keep the cost down, thats all. yeah, my 23 year old girlfriend gets scared sometimes, not sure what the kids would do. probably laugh...thanks again.
On 2005-11-30 21:08, RedOne4x4 wrote:
I will not run spacers behind the wheels for safety reasons, though.

theres nothing wrong with an aluminum spacer that bolts to your existing studs and has other studs for your wheel to bolt to
its the cheap off the shelf 1/4 inch spacers that are the threat to life but i wont get into this subject since its been covered a few too many times on this site
glad i could help you though
I see what you mean by the spacers now, sorry. not one of those "know it all newbies" that your sig line refers to, I hope. I've just always been told to stay away from any kind of wheel spacer, but the ones your talking about would be alright. I'll search some of the previous posts for more info on it...thanx.
I got the 305x70x16 FCII on 16x8 AR23's w/ a 5" SJ lift works and look great. Go for it, but don't deal w/ 4 Wheel Parts try :bigthumb:
Not sure about the wheels and tires but the kids I can relate to. I have taken my daughter out a few times when she was 2 and 3, she loved it, but just don't expect them to sit in a carseat for hours and hours. She's 6 now and still goes with me from time to time and helps me turn wrenches most of the time. Take them with you, they'll have a blast and will enjoy the time with daddy. have fun

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