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fabtech or rcd

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i am lookin into getting a 6 inch suspension lift for my 99 nbs chevy. and run some 315's. i dont do alot of offroadin in this truck so it bascially for looks. i was wonderin with lift would be better and a good place to buy the kit.
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RCD is not cheap, FABTECH is not the cheapest either but they are 2 of the highest quality lifts out there, now im goin on what i heard is that RCD and FABTECH are built by the same company, which i believe is RCD, dont quote me on that please, that is just what i heard, i would go with the FABTECH cause im sure that it is probably cheaper than the RCD.
yea i have also heard that rcd and fabtech are the same company. i have found the fabtech lift for around $1300. but i havent checked into the rcd. yet.
I have a 99 nbs chevy with a 6" fabtech. i love it, looks great, check out my pics. but anyway, if you get it put on tell them to leave the factory 2" blocks on and crank the bars a little or else ur 315's will rub a lot.
The best price for a Fabtech lift kit I have found is at this site

and I have heard that will match the price and give a % discount. Not sure how much a percent.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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