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Extended Radius Arms

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Alright, I have a 4 in. Pro Comp Stage 1 suspension lift on my 89 Bronco. It has the radius arm drop brackets instead of the extended radius arms. I want a little better handling and of course who wouldn't want more wheel travel, so I think that I want to add extended radius arms. Keep in mind that I have already chizzled off the original radius arm mounts when I did my lift. The only radius arms that I know of that don't use the original mounts are those offered by Tough Country. I am beginning to wonder if they are engineered for only that companies lift kits, or if they will work with my lift. I really like the look of the Rancho radius arms, but I believe that they use the original mounts as well. Just wondering if anyone has any input and any good ideas on where I can mount my limit straps, cuz I am gonna need a set of those too. Damn I love my truck!!!
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I contacted Tuff Country today and they said that their radius arms are compatible with my lift and that I only have to drill four holes per side to remount the new drop brackets. They said I will get a better turning radius, more travel, and improved handling because the castor and camber will not change as dramatically when the suspension cycles. Now I just have to save up the 400 bucks for those arms. I was checking it out today too, and I can tell already that they will be a pain in the ass to install if I do in fact get them. We'll just have to wait and see what happens when Christmas comes along. I still have to get 4.10 gears too.
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