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Extended Radius Arms

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Alright, I have a 4 in. Pro Comp Stage 1 suspension lift on my 89 Bronco. It has the radius arm drop brackets instead of the extended radius arms. I want a little better handling and of course who wouldn't want more wheel travel, so I think that I want to add extended radius arms. Keep in mind that I have already chizzled off the original radius arm mounts when I did my lift. The only radius arms that I know of that don't use the original mounts are those offered by Tough Country. I am beginning to wonder if they are engineered for only that companies lift kits, or if they will work with my lift. I really like the look of the Rancho radius arms, but I believe that they use the original mounts as well. Just wondering if anyone has any input and any good ideas on where I can mount my limit straps, cuz I am gonna need a set of those too. Damn I love my truck!!!
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Wasn't there an "best buy" otr "hot product" article in one of the recent 4x4 rags that had some extended arms? They supposedly included built in caster correction and bends for tire clearance.

Can't remember what years it covers or what rag, but it was only 1-2 months ago.
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