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exhaust help

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I just replaced my stock exhaust with aftermarket exhaust, new headers, new cat, new cat-back system and i even put in a new o2 sensor. my stock headers didnt have any plugs or holes or anything on them, but my aftermarket headers have a hole on one side and it's threaded. when i start the truck, the temp gauge reads all the way hot, as soon as i start it. is there a thermostat i need to buy and insert into the header? should i plug the whole? is it a coincidence that my thermostat went out when i did my exhaust? any help would be appreciated, thanks
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the hole is there because some models have another o2 sensor, all you need to do is put a bolt in that hole to plug it up, then most likely replace the temperature sending unit not the thermostat to fix the gauge problem
what and where is the temperature sending unit? how come my gauge reading is way off?
the sending unit is the piece that tells the gauge what the temp is, it's most likely on the intake manifold near the thermostat
will my truck run alright if i just plug the whole?
yes it will run fine, but the temp gauge still won't work, and make sure you get a bolt that doesn't protrude that far into the exhaust pipe
ok, thanks for the help!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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