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equal in tires?

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this post is mainly for curiousitys sake. when i got my used procomps, they had a bunch of white granular stuff inside. i'm guessing that this is what guys refer to as "equal". when i had my tires balanced and mounted, the shop just used regular weights and the tires seem like they are still a bit bouncy or out of balance. will adding equal to them help stabilize them and should i lose the weights? what are the benefits?
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There is a bunch of posts about this in the tires section, but equal will balance better than lead weights in most cases as long as it isn't from the tire being out of round. And you remove the wheel weights when running the powder...33s should take about 6 oz each IIRC.

we it a powder or more of a tiny bead? powder is equal and it will work as long as you use dry air to fill it.
is this something i can do myself or just bring them to a 4x4 shop instead?
My buddy had a set of 33in procomps with equal in them and had wicked vibrations on the highway.We took them back and had the equal taken out no problems since. Equal is not really up to the task of heavy mud tires.

Just my expierence
as i have posted several times before, i have had good luck with
On 2005-11-29 14:05, The Boss wrote:
as i have posted several times before, i have had good luck with
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Just for reference, I was told that equal and the beads will improve the balancing of the tire based upon the speed you are going. the faster you are the the more centrifical force to push the beads/equal to the correct part of the tire. I am running the beads in my mt/r and have noticed a good difference in them. I still have the weights on them too. Which I was told that they are not supposed to have them both at the same time but have not seen any problems with doing that.
when i bought my tire package... mine came with equal for free.. so dont know if it helped or not... plus my bias hawgs.... have flatspots from hell for the first 10-15 minutes :rotfl:
my rear tires have equal and the front are weighted.

no tire vibes, im using 'counter-act' for semi tires.
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