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Engine Tear down comp.

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Alright so I joined the 4 guys at our school for the chi-town tear down competition at world of wheels. We have to take an intake manifold. valve cover, timeing chain and oil pan off a 4 cylinder. and put it back on to the correct torque specs as fast as possible. Any suggestions.

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If you know what engine it will be, try and get access to one to pracitce on. Memorize the order that everything goes back together and all the specs. Pray to god that you don't do it on the day that I go to WOW, because I will heckle the ever loving {expletive} out of you.
howd you get into this? sounds like fun! ive never heard of this before
We used to do this in school....just a few buds racing back and forth. It was a 2.2 Caliver 4cyl. engine...I think we had them down to like 1.2 of two guys.

On 2005-12-03 00:22, bradmo42 wrote:
howd you get into this? sounds like fun! ive never heard of this before

At a local custom car/ricer/ugly a$$ lowrider/mall crawler truck show that we have every year they have that competition.
On 2005-12-03 08:48, UrbanRedneck wrote:

At a local custom car/ricer/ugly a$$ lowrider/mall crawler truck show that we have every year they have that competition.

haha that sounds cool, yea we just started one of those car/ricer/ugly a$$ lowrider/mall crawler truck shows around here too... it works i guess
If I could go for 4 days without my truck, I was going to call them and see if I could put mine in the show completely covered with mud from top to bottom, but only clean off the Dodge logo. I bet they wouldn't though, wouldn't wanna track dirt on the carpet for the eat-off-the-frame mall crawlers to accidentally drive through. That show is so gay.
cordless impact!! then finish off the bolts with a hand held torque wrench. THe cordless might not beable to pop loose and tighten bolts down very well, but they will run them out and back in ALOT faster than by hand. Plus, no cords or air is needed. Like I said, you probably will have to crack each bolt with a wrench, but then have the other person follow you with the cordless and run them biatches out fast! And like I said, it wont torque them over spec as most corless impacts do not have that high of torque rating.

Thats my advice... OH, and a BIG BIG help would be plastic bins, label the bins to where the bolts came from and place them in each bin. having one bin for the intake, one for the oil pan.... and so on, will make it ALOT easier to figure out where they came from instead of rumaging through a bucket full of misc. bolts.
that would be great, completely covered in mud with just the emblem clean, i bet dodge would love that at a show to show just how tough their trucks are.
Yeah I wanna do that so bad, but there's 3 reasons stopping me: I can't leave my truck in McCormick place for 4 days or whatever it is, the ground is frozen soI doubt there's any mud, and I doubt they'd let me anyway.

But if they did, I bet they'd have to make up a new trohpy that's like "Best truck that is actually used" or "Dirtiest" haha.
im sure if you paid the $100 entrance fee, they wouldnt care if it was covered in dog crap.

i couldnt tell you the last time i went to WOW.

but i do know this, tickets were only $8, and parking was like $5.
Ok.. We are getting the engine to practice on... We cant use power tools/impact. And we only have to do part of the engine. not complete tear down. Last year the winning team did it in 12 mins.

Its the intake manifold, valve cover, something with the timeing chain(don't rememmber what), and oil pan. and back together. 5 guys.

get yourself a couple of speed wrenches!, they will help tremendously! but you have to figure out how to spin them mad fast!


get a few good ones though, like a craftsman, MAC, Snap-on though... they have better handles on the end that spin alot easier!


Good luck!
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:withstupid: Label the bins for where each part goes, and get AMERICAN TOOLS that wont break or slip, like Blackhawk :bigthumb:
I know we have a few of those in our shop.. I'm gonna have to try them out.

If your going to play with speed wrenches try this little trick , once the nut/bolt is loose hold the handle in the palm of your hand and move the wrench in a loose circle or figure 8 motion the speed handle will spin by its self . this will not only make the wrench turn faster then you can with two hands but frees the second hand to catch the nut/bolt . time is lost by picking up the nut/bolt off the floor or under the engine stand :bigthumb:
Oh by the way , make sure there is not a time that one tool has two jobs at the same time . Make sure that one person is not waiting on another to finish .
my buddy has gotten so good at pulling and replacing the engine in his supra he can do it in a few hours by him self its pretty impressive
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